Lilly is a character that attends Kirschener High School and is on the gymnastics team, The Fighting Inchworms on the series, Haunted Hathaways. She is portrayed by Kayla Maisonet.


Lilly has a cheery personality and has a strong admiration for gymnastics.



Lilly stops by Hathaway's Pie Squared and notices Taylor's gymnastics. Lilly visits the store and wants Taylor to join The Fighting Inchworms. She happily agrees and Lilly says she will meet the rest of the team later.

Lilly and the team visit the store and are weirded out by what's happening. Miles possesses Taylor and helps her make the team.

Haunted Sleepover

Lilly and the team visit Hathaway's Pie Squared. To make Taylor an official member of the Fighting Inchworms, they all must have a sleepover. Strange mishaps happen due to Louie's ghosting. Before they left, Taylor told them ghost stories that were scary as a result of Miles' sound effect.

Haunted Science Fair

The Fighting Inchworm have a meeting about their uniform. With the use of Miles' ghosting skill, Taylor was planning to use it to win the science fair. Lilly calls Taylor to see the project but she wasn't able to see it because of Michelle.

At the science fair, Lilly and the others witnessed Taylor's project. The Fighting Inchworms were able to get new uniforms by Michelle making it.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • She was one of the guests that had a sleepover with Taylor.
  • She is currently on the Disney Channel show, Stuck in the Middle.