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Haunted Voodoo
Season 1, Episode 26
First Aired May 31, 2014
Production Code 126
Writer(s) Ray Lancon & Bob Smiley
Director(s) Roger Christiansen
Viewed By: 1.7 million viewers
Episode Guide
"Haunted Viking"
"Haunted Newbie"
Haunted Voodoo is the twenty sixth and finale episode in Season 1 of the Haunted Hathaways.


After Louie pulls a prank on Frankie, she decides to have a Louie voodoo doll made. Taylor and Michelle compete in a Gumbo cooking competition with Miles and Ray who win every year.


Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • This was part of Nick's Choose Your Own Ending Night.
  • Ending #1: Miles spills water in Taylor's face then the two dance awkwardly.
  • Ending #2: Taylor crushes her cake then sprays whip creame in her face. Miles eats his favorite bowtie.
  • Frankie hugs Louie for the first time.

Pop Cultural Reference

  • MC Hammer - When Frankie throws an object at Louie, it goes right through because he's a ghost and repsonds with you can't touch me refering to the classic MC Hammer one hit wonder song "You Can't Touch This". He then does the infamous Hammertime dance wearing a gold chain and hammer pants with a parody version of the original song playing in the background.


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Thundermans And Haunted Hathaways Choose Your Own Ending Promo00:47

Thundermans And Haunted Hathaways Choose Your Own Ending Promo

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