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Haunted Volleyball
Season 1, Episode 5
First Aired August 10th 2013
Production Code 104
Writer(s) Jamie McLaughlin
Director(s) Roger Christiansen
Viewed By: 2.3 million viewers
Episode Guide
"Haunted Kids"
"Haunted Babysitter"
Haunted Volleyball is the fifth episode of Haunted Hathaways.


Frankie is not exactly the best player on her school volleyball team, so Ray decides to give her a “boost” using his ghost powers. It’s a huge success, but at the next game when Frankie is left to rely on Louie’s erratic abilities, she needs to find the confidence from inside herself and step up on her own. 

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kurt Scholler as Coach
  • Jina Song as Cool Mom # 1
  • Jackie Di Crystal as Cool Mom # 2


International Premiere

  • 28 November, 2013 (Nickelodeon Australia)


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