"Taylor, Who is this little boy?"
— Meadow MacIntosh
Haunted Secret
Season 2, Episode 10
First Aired November 1, 2014
Production Code 210
Writer(s) Boyce Bugliari & Jamie McLaughlin
Director(s) Trevor Kirschener
Viewed By: 1.8 million viewers
Episode Guide
"Haunted Thundermans"
"Haunted Whodunnit"
Haunted Secret is the tenth episode in Season 2 of the Haunted Hathaways.


Taylor accidentally hits Meadow in the head while using Madame LaBeuf's staff. when Louie tries to scare off Meadow while earn his ghost scouting badges. Meanwhile, Frankie tries to help Miles cope with Mirabelle leaving for boarding school, while at the same time using it as an method to get out of a ballet recital for punishment for shaving Taylor and Michelle's eyebrows. 


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast


  • Starting with this episode the show moves to the 9:30PM slot.
  • Meadow is able to see ghost in this episode after getting hit in the head with Madame Lebeuf's staff.


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Haunted Hathaways Haunted Secret Official Clip Nick01:41

Haunted Hathaways Haunted Secret Official Clip Nick

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