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Haunted Charm School
Season 2, Episode 13
First Aired November 22, 2014
Production Code 214
Writer(s) Bob Smiley
Director(s) Trevor Kirschener
Viewed By: 1.8 million viewers
Episode Guide
"Haunted Mascot"
"Haunted Temptation"
Haunted Charm School is the thirteenth episode in Season 2 of Haunted Hathaways.


After being blamed for Louie's mess, Frankie is sent to charm school. But when Frankie gets brainwashed at charm school Louie tries to bring her back to reality. Meanwhile, Taylor and Miles babysit Scott's two year old cousin Mikey.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Makayla Lysiak as Violet
  • Alanna Boatright as Violet's Mother
  • Kelly Lester as Lady Beauchamp
  • Suzanne Sena as Mrs. Snodgrass
  • Dylan and Emmy Gallagher as Mikey


  • Last new episode to air in 2014.


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Haunted Hathaways Haunted Charm School Clip Nick00:58

Haunted Hathaways Haunted Charm School Clip Nick

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