Haunted Bowling Alley
Season 1, Episode 22
First Aired April 12, 2014
Production Code 122
Writer(s) Maiya Williams
Director(s) Eric Dean Seaton
Viewed By: 1.7 million viewers
Episode Guide
"Haunted Secret Agent"
"Haunted Boo Crew"
Haunted Bowling Alley is the twenty second episode in Season 1 of Haunted Hathaways.


Miles' friend worries his family will have to move because their business is haunted.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

Cultural References

  • Ghostbusters - Taylor and Miles enter the bowling alley in red jumpsuits with vaccum suckers attached to their backs pretending to find ghost haunting the bowling alley.
  • MC Hammer - The name and figure representing the famous Rapper from MC Fouie
  • The Notorious B.I.G. - The name made from Michelle The Notorious M.O.M.


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The Haunted Hathaways Haunted Bowling Sneak Peek01:19

The Haunted Hathaways Haunted Bowling Sneak Peek

Sneak Peak Clip

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