Haunted Bakery
Season 1, Episode 16
First Aired November 30, 2013
Production Code 109
Writer(s) Robert Peacock
Director(s) Bruce Leddy
Viewed By: 1.9 million viewers
Episode Guide
"Haunted Boat"
"Haunted Brothers"
Haunted Bakery is the sixteenth episode of the Haunted Hathaways.


The children must work together to retrieve Michelle's secret recipe book after it is stolen by a rival bakery.


Main Cast

Guest Cast


Ray: Yippie-ki-kay! The cavalry is here. Whoa!

Louie: What is she doing here?

Madame Lebeuf: I'm sensing two ghosts just entered the building. Watch me work.

Louie: I'm a lime again aren't I.

Running Gag

  • Louie keeps turning himself into a lime by mistake.
  • Frankie keeps comparing the rival bakery's mascot to her grandma
  • The kids asking whom is passing the elevator to join them on their quest with no questions asked.


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